Shake Yo Tree to Springs Beats

Shake Yo Tree to Springs Beats


“Go dance in the moonlight…

…but don’t do it naked…"

Every season has a purpose, but I am not a Winter person, AT ALL. So when Spring finally comes around, I bring it in with a little kick. [insert kick emoji] Feel good twang-a-langs and chill beats get me out of my Winter funk. So I made a playlist, you guys. Get used to it, there will be plenty of Dano Playlists on All The Things. Because it’s All The Things!

Not a music guru here, by any means, but once you get to know me a little better, you’ll learn that I hardly remember anything from 8th grade music class or grammar for that matter.  Curating music is one of my passions, being the party D.J., finding weird tunes that my friends haven’t heard of and hogging the car radio. I also go weak in the knees for the trumpet and the bass. [Cue Louis Prima!] Simply put, I’m just that weird girl who has a soundtrack for every situation in her life. If I could walk around with a boombox playing my soundtrack all day, I freaking would! It’s just heavy. And you can’t head bang properly holding something that big. Point is, if I describe a sound in a song and you know it’s wrong, just know that I’m not claiming to be a musical genius like Kanye. With that said, I wanted to share a little bit about what I like in each song or a memory associated with that tune.

Cooks by Still Woozy: I stumbled upon this dude at the beginning of the year. The first song I heard was “Habit” and then this one. I listened to the first few bars, but my heart dropped when I heard the bass come in. Then Still Woozy’s voice came on… I felt like a fan girl at a Genuine concert or is The Weeknd a more relevant comparison? #lovethe90s The sounds were funky with Cali riffs and sexy as fuck… Well you know, you’re listening to it right now! Really digging the witty and catchy lyrics “I feel like I’m 80 and confused without my pants, then somebody takes my hand…”

I just want to go on a walk in the neighborhood listening to Still Woozy on repeat, checking out all the bulbs sprouting, buds on the branches and the warm sun. Ya’ll should also check out “Goodie Bag”.. it’s gold!

Song For No One by Miike Snow: This one is a no-brainer. If you don’t feel that warm fuzzy Spring feeling when you listen to this, then I’m guessing you like things like Metalocalypse which is cool too.

Meantime by The Futureheads: Okay, guys, this song has me like, whoa...If you’ve ever seen Grandma’s Boy, there’s a b-roll scene where the camera rolls underneath the entrance of the building he works at, outlining the building’s symmetry. I’m a very visual person and that particular b-roll is my favorite that has ever been produced. It just invokes this good sunshine, everyday feeling. It reminds me of my 90’s childhood during the summers. It’s everything to me. I know, I’m weird. This song made those few seconds of the film even more of a moment for me. Hollywood b-roll cinema at it’s best.

Fanfare Parkdale by Metric: This song has a piece of my heart. I’m an army brat but the last place we ended up was Pueblo West, CO. We either lived on or near a base, which was never around any major city. We lived in Berlin, Germany but I hardly remember that and we traveled through NYC but I don’t remember that either. Long story short, I applied to art school in Denver and had to go job searching. It was my first time driving to Denver by myself. I remember thinking I was so cool. I was driving down Lincoln Ave. blaring this song and feeling the lyrics, while I looked at all the tall buildings. It was a new world for me. There were so many people walking around and living life, so much culture and bustle. This song for sure holds a piece of my heart! It was during the summer, but that doesn’t matter. The jazzy tunes Metric throws out works for any warm weather scenario. 

T-Shirt by UMI: I found this pretty little lady sometime last year. Everything she produces is dope and super chill. I wish I had one of those old Walkmans and I would totally ride a bike jamming out to “T-Shirt”. That’s exactly what I used to do back in the day, but it was Mariah’s “Always Be My Baby”. Real talk. And I would sing, super loud. Side note: I just googled Walkman to make sure I had the correct spelling and on the right hand side of the screen there was an Ebay ad for a Vintage Walkman. Vintage, you guys. Vintage, cheese and rice. #foreveryoung, #imnotoldfuckyou

Back to UMI… This song is cute, real and clever. Spring love vibes all around and I love it to pieces!

Breakaway by Irma Thomas: Ummm.. duh. That’s all I have to say about that. If you’re Spring cleaning or doing that yard work we all love to do, just bust out the oldies and start with Irma.

Constant Surprises by Little Dragon: All right, for all my Winter blues people… this song is for you! It’s super zen and builds up, with a smooth R&B climax. Good for all those bears coming out of hibernation. Let’s not forget about the lyrics, “We spoke then suddenly I could read his mind. You think it’s mad but I don’t fool myself…” I seriously love Little Dragon, you guys. My favorite band. Period. And the lead singer Yukimi Nagano. [heart emoji] Her mind, notorious temper, ability to feel so many things at once and express it through her fashion, lyrics and the bands unorthodox Pop and R&B melodies… I could go on and on. We’ll save that convo for another day. Just listen to all of their albums. Right now. JK. But seriously, listen to them.

Sunshine by Atmosphere: You’ve all heard this one right? Ok.. [turn music up and everyone starts to bob their head] “If I could I would keep this feeling in a plastic jar, bust it out whenever someone’s acting hard…” [mic drop]

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra: YASSS! Now I know we all think of Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 when we hear “Mr. Blue” now, but it’s still a Spring fave for me. I grew up on classic rock thanks to my ma and pa. They were so badass!

Fly Mode by Odd Nosdam: This is my “drive in the mountains” song, with my two pups bobbin’ their heads out the window. Turn it up.

Can I Call You Tonight by Dayglow: I thought A-Punk by Vampire Weekend was too obvious of a choice for the Spring Playlist. This baby was my batter in the deck. Growing up in the prairie there wasn’t much to do. So in high school my friends and I would do things teens shouldn’t be doing and drive around all night on the back roads. The best times were during the warm weather of course. Windows rolled down, if I wasn’t the one driving I’d be halfway out the window, feeling the warm breeze, and maybe there would be a full moon. This song reminds me of that typical American Spring or Summer night. Almost like the first set of girls in Death Proof driving and listening to that killer song “Hold Tight” but more romanticized and there isn’t a fucked up car accident at the end of the song. And no one’s face is eaten by a tire.

(Side note, Death Proof is the best chick flick. You read that right.. movie about badass chicks for chicks! #girlsrule #womensmonth)

All Aboard by Dark Time Sunshine: There are too many moments I have with this song. I’m a libra people, I couldn’t possibly choose just one to share and this post is already super long. So for this song I encourage you to listen (like really listen to it, feel it) and make some lovely spring memories with it of your own… [heart emoji]

Dancing In The Moonlight by King Harvest: How could I wrap up a Spring Playlist without King Harvest? Pshhh… (Mic drop probably should have gone here [oh well emoji].) Go dance in the moonlight… but don’t do it naked or anything. Don’t be weird and scare people like me.

Love, Dano



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Lee Gone WILD!