Recipes for Inspiration

Recipes for Inspiration


I think, I for sure need to keep it light this Friday. Everyone seems to be in a fog or a funk. No need for intense stories this week! Plus, I have the Tessa 5K next weekend and I’m getting nervous. I’ve been having such a hard time managing three jobs, along with training to run on the side. I’ve never been great with time management to begin with. How do people do this? [wtf emoji].

So, how does one get inspired when overwhelmed? [blushing emoji]

I’m so glad you asked!

I don’t know the answer to that. But, I know what works for me in most cases. I find inspiration anywhere and sometimes nowhere. [cue evil laugh] Let me count the ways: I day dream way too much, listen to a song on repeat (like, for real, 1000 times and it annoys people) until something comes to mind, climbing into my feelings so far to where I discover new perspectives #lanadelrey, and I read my horoscope. #alldayeveryday

I get my cosmic information from two infectious astrologers; The Hoodwitch and Annabel Gat from Broadly. I actually found The Hoodwitch from a Broadly article.

There’s also one other soul, and I have to read their words every morning since I found their IG. His name is Diego Perez and his pseudonym… Yung Pueblo. I bet some of you can see where the appeal was for me. I spent middle school and high school in Pueblo West. Countless memories, loves and broken hearts were made there. So when I stumbled upon him, I was pretty much hooked. His words though, you guys… Some days, I feel like he’s talking specifically to me about my life. Every morning I get on Instagram just to see his post for the day. He’s a part of my morning routine. Recently at a work meeting, my boss lady was describing why a morning routine and some sense of morning meditation will help you succeed through your day. First of all, best work meeting ever… I love talking about energy and positivity! Second, it was a huge plate of thought that I ate up super fast! This morning routine was also another recipe for inspiration. I started thinking, “Ok, Dano… what’s your morning routine?” Coffee, duh! But also Yung Pueblo. For real people, I open my eyes and grab my phone and see his new post for the day. I read it a few times throughout the day too. He writes little moments of thought that you didn’t know you needed.

Back to the ladies! Annabel Gat is the astrologer for Broadly. I love how positive she is. She get’s real, but even when there is a Mercury Retrograde, she always seems to find the silver linings, and I love those! #sunshineinyourdarktimes She writes daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes… And I read them all, or at least for the last three years. [nerd emoji]

So The Hoodwitch you guys… I’m so over the moon for her and her words. She tells you the things you don’t want to hear in the most loving way, like a big sister or mother. I’ve been following her for about a year and a half now. With everything I’ve read, she’s taught me to pause and feel the elements again. More importantly, feel life again. You know those familiar warm fuzzy feelings you get when you’re having a moment? Her horoscopes and posts gave me the tools to feel those moments again in healthy and self-loving ways. My favorite phrase from her so far is, “Never be afraid of evolving, my love.” That was in my horoscope one week and it sure came when I needed it the most. That phrase inspired me, people! I had already cut off a good 14 inches of my hair (had to cut out the negativity), in phases because I was scared. And no, I didn’t donate any of it because the hair was super damaged! If you know me, you know I’m scared to get my hair cut because of an unnamed salon in the mall, circa 2001. [crying emoji] Long story short, I felt like a new person with my shoulder length hair. Then I had the itch to cut it even shorter. I told my home girl, “I want the Kurt Cobain look, please”. 

She gave me exactly what I wanted. The Hoodwitch inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. Not just with my appearance but in other aspects of my life as well. She made me feel like it was ok to move on and be happy and be fucking inspired! So I did a self portrait, lol. It felt insanely healing. I’ll keep that phrase with me forever.


With each horoscope from those ladies, and phrases from Yung Pueblo, I feel like I grow a little more. I’m being who I want to be, feeling inspired to create, love and work.

And honestly you guys, sometimes I’ll find inspiration within the simplest things that come from nothing, really. This is how my mind works:

[Real Story BTW] I’m driving and the wind is blowing a stupid tumble weed down the street and it’s backlit. Which happens to be the street I learned to drive on. And is also the street that has the best view of sunsets in the entire world. #theprairieisprettytoo Then, my mind swerves to the moments I had on that street when I was 16, with no worries. I love that street. I hear the sound of fingers snap in my head and I’m like, “I need to build a white background to place in the prairie for an upcoming boudoir shoot!” And my mind wonders off on figuring out how I’ll build it. And then… squirrel… well in my case, rabbit. Because it’s the prairie. 

But seriously ladies and gentlemen, this is what works for me. This is how I destress and find the extra push or light. Let your mind roll with the simple things. Or the big things. There’s inspiration in everything and it will come to you when you need it. You just have to listen, Linda. 

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Love you weirdos!


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