Guilty Pleasure in Music

Guilty Pleasure in Music

When one thinks of one’s guilty pleasure we often think “food”. Something you’d devour in a closet when no one is watching. And no I haven’t done that….well maybe a little. OK, OK I do that quite often. Gotta do whatcha gotta do when you’ve got a two year old.

Back on topic…Guilty pleasures can lie in all aspects of life, as in your favorite show, movie, or music. Today I’m talking about my guilty pleasure in music. Plus the weather is getting warmer and you’d be more likely to hear one of these bands on the radio.

My guilty pleasure is Ska.

My Dad and I enjoying some backstage action with Aaron, the lead singer, from Reel Big Fish!

My Dad and I enjoying some backstage action with Aaron, the lead singer, from Reel Big Fish!

As some of you might not know, Ska originated in Jamaica in the late 1950’s which combined elements of Caribbean music and American Jazz. So with my background as a classical and jazz musician I secretly fell in love with Ska. They combine a three to four piece band with horns. Ska just makes you want to grab a rum punch and sway the night away.

Ska became very popular in the 1980’s to 1990’s, but it is making a come back with one of the most popular US bands, Reel Big Fish, at the front of the line.

Ska takes me to my happy place and instantly lowers my stress levels. Speaking of stress I need to put on some Ska right now, haha. Well, I’m going to share some music videos of my favorite Ska bands/songs. Have fun listening!

Music video by Reel Big Fish performing Take On Me. (C) 1996 Mojo Records LLC

This Is Reel Big Fish’s cover of “Take On Me” by A-Ha. So catchy and I’m sure you’ve heard this one before!

2010 Music Video for "Brown Eyed Girl" from "A Best of Us for the Rest of Us" (this is a re-recorded version w/ Matt Appleton on Harmony Vocals)

Another cover by Reel Big Fish of a popular Van Morrison song, “Brown Eyed Girl”.

Official Music Video for "Ska Show" from the NEW ALBUM "Life Sucks...Let's Dance!" Out December 21st 2018 Directed By Chris Graue

This is an original by Reel Big Fish from their new album “Life Sucks…….Let’s Dance!”. Fun Tip, my favorite music venue in Colorado Springs, CO is featured in this video, The Black Sheep.

Best of No Doubt: Subscribe here: Music video by No Doubt performing Spiderwebs. (C) 2003 Interscope Records

Next is my girl Gwen from No Doubt. Fantastic song!

Best of No Doubt: Subscribe here: Music video by No Doubt performing Sunday Morning. (C) 2003 Interscope Records

This song just makes you want to DANCE!

Album: Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Volume 2

The Aquabats are a super fun group! These guys wear masks and costumes resembling a super hero. As I have yet to see them live, I hear that they have an amazing theatrical show that includes stunts and fight scenes with costumed villains and monsters!
Their song, “Pizza Day” is my absolute favorite.

Goldfinger's official music video for 'Here In Your Bedroom'. Click to listen to Goldfinger on Spotify: As featured on The Best Of Goldfinger.

Goldfinger is known for there “99 Red Balloons” rendition but this one is my favorite of theirs.

This video was animated by Gal Shkedi. It's for the song "We Will Fall Together" from the 2007 album "Somewhere In The Between" by Streetlight Manifesto.

Streetlight Manifesto is great! Their music videos are works of art as they are all animated shorts! This is my new favorite band in the ska family.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites ( as there are too many to post).

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