Continue - A poem for those who need it

Continue - A poem for those who need it

I wrote this poem when I felt that I did not have enough time to accomplish everything, during a cascade of doubt and for moments when I silently worried that I had missed the mark or was simply not enough.    

If this finds you wondering such thoughts, please be inspired to continue on your journey to greatness, whatever that may be.                                                   


Sand and silt, grind and fleeting

Soft as silk, lush and repeating

Day to day

To be quiet, be still

To close your eyes

Is loss

Life is finite, time is not forever

Shout and search

Continue and push

Open your eyes...OPEN YOUR EYES

Feel with more than your hands

Make haste with the sand that slides past your fingers

Love, make love and love some more

Oh life of mine like sand and silt

I grind for what? And where do you flee?

Soft as silk are those dreams of this girl once young

Lush and repeating

Alas, my youth is no more

But there is no loss

My eyes are open


I feel with something deeper, stronger than my hands

I make haste

I have loved, made love and will love some more

Lest I forget

If when I doubt

I remind myself

Open your eyes I shout

Look...the sand, the slides past your fingers...

Push and pull, hold what you adore

Make haste

Make love

.....and do it some more

The things we do for health.

The things we do for health.