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For part three of “She’s Too Intense…”, I’ll be publishing a short documentary. The short will feature my fellow blogger, Melissa and myself answering questions related to domestic violence and our healing process. Melissa and I won’t know the questions until we’re in front of the camera. Jazz, the badass boss lady who created All The Things, will be facilitating those questions. 

This is where you come in [oh boy, what is she up to eye roll emoji]. I felt the short would mean more if I got public involved. I thought, what do All The Things readers want to know about our healing process… our experiences. Maybe it can help someone. Maybe?! 

Don’t be afraid to ask us the hard questions. Ultimately, this short is for you. The survivor, the victim, the student, the curious, the healers– to raise awareness, to save a life, to give support… and all the things.

So seriously, ask us.

Here are the rules. Submit your question through our contact page. **All questions will remain anonymous. From those submissions Jazz will pick 10 questions for Melissa and I to answer in the short. Submissions are due by May 31. A release date for the short will be revealed June 7.

**Please keep in mind that any inappropriate questions will be passed up! We also will not be naming any names when talking about our experiences. As much as my anger would love me to, calling our perpetrators out isn’t the purpose of this short. Helping other survivors heal is the purpose. And remember, if you are in a dangerous situation or experiencing domestic violence please call 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help.

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On the subject of…ME (&YOU) #selfpreservation

On the subject of…ME (&YOU) #selfpreservation