Go ahead, ask us!

If you caught the blog yesterday, you will have already noticed that this is a Melissa Donovan, unoriginal idea. I am not the brainchild, but I am happy to be a participant. That genius lady of ours, Dano, has been working on a secret project - ok, I’ll tell you - she is making a short documentary about domestic abuse.

Here is why this is worth 2 back to back days of posts make this “Coming Soon” announcement. We need your help - in the film we will be answering 10 questions. The questions will be selected by Jazz, and we will not know what the questions are until we are sitting in front of the camera.

We want to know what questions you have for us — it can be about anything, don’t feel shy or afraid to ask the tough questions. We are hoping to help a someone (yes, even a singular someone) who has been in our situation, might be stuck there, or is looking for a way to move forward after their escape. We want to help educate, bring awareness, and support others.

I would like to invite those of you who are unfamiliar with domestic abuse to ask some questions as well - I would be willing to bet that even the “simplest” question has an answer you weren’t expecting. This in an all inclusive project and we invite you all to participate with us.

Here are the rules:

Questions must be submitted to our contact page here at All.The.Things **All questions will remain anonymous. From those submissions Jazz will pick 10 questions for Danielle and I to answer. All questions are due May 31. A release date for the short will be revealed June 7.

**Please keep in mind that any inappropriate questions will be passed up! We also will not be naming any names when talking about our experiences. This video is not for us to name names and call out our perpetrators for their actions, no matter how much we may want to — the purpose of this short is to help other survivors heal.

If you are in a dangerous situation or experiencing domestic violence please call 911 or the Domestic Violence Hotline for help.

Part Three:  Who Will Change When You Die?

Part Three: Who Will Change When You Die?