Scientific explanations for emotions: Part 1-Newtons law

Scientific explanations for emotions: Part 1-Newtons law

It is from suffering we can find beauty in all things big and small.

Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel,

but I believe that you cannot plan for the light you seek.

Instead you must be patient with how things happen

and find yourself wherever you end up. 


The first law of motion; An object will remain in linear motion until compelled to change its state by an external force 

Humans can become stagnant in their lives by becoming the objects of Newtons first law, by succumbing to the comfortable state of inertia.  

It is in this state that we become vulnerable, mentally. Not seeking challenges or pursuing passions.

Good luck riding that path forever though, in fact... you won’t.

There are obstacles as small as a turn in the road, or as great as a four mile crevice with no bridge to cross, an angry ocean with no ship, or a boat with no sails. 

The second law of motion; The velocity of an object in motion changes when subject to an external force. Obstacles to the linear planned path are sneaky and abundant, not always tangible. While our species is physically capable of motion, our minds are also capable of moving through the experiences, emotions and pleasures of time. Our minds can also be obstacles, as can our reactions, or perceived notions surrounding experiences. 

Upon encountering these obstacles, the third law of motion becomes true. With our physical or mental reaction to  obstacles, an equal and opposite reaction occurs at the same time. We cannot move without being moved. 

Utilizing all of Newton’s laws, it can be determined that as long as we are alive, as long as we are moving, we can (have to) change. Either we choose to change, or an external force intercepts our linear path of motion; we will always be forced to change. Because we are not only objects, but thinking beings, we can influence our new velocity, how we react and impact obstacles. 

Three things are for certain: you are always in motion, your motion will change, change impacts not only us but everything around us. 


When you wonder why you’re here, wherever here is, remember that you won’t always be here. That means live in the moment so you can enjoy every little bit of it. It means that if you are feeling low, like you have nothing left, you won’t feel like this forever. It means that no matter how wonderful, plain, tedious or exhausting your current situation, always know that an obstacle is on its way to shake your world up and that is an exciting prospect.

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