Plug me in

Plug me in


Interesting word. It’s one that I have started using for my kids naptime, thanks to my friend C, because my son hates the ‘n’ word. It’s also a word that has been taking over my thoughts. What does it mean? What does that word look like in my world?

I am a very high energy, goal-oriented person. The thought of soaking in a tub, up until about 5 years ago, was a stupid idea. Who has time for that?! And what do you do while you are in there; just sit? This concept was very strange to me. The only reason I started taking baths is because while I was pregnant I had a little condition called Cholestasis. It’s a condition that basically makes you itch from the inside out and the only cure is birth…oatmeal baths helped alleviate some of that itch. Still, I sat in there and thought about all of the things that I could have been doing with my time instead. I also never understood face masks until about a year ago and even now my favorite ones are the overnight face masks because you can just slap it on and go to sleep. Can you tell I love multi-tasking?

Anyway, back to recharge, I have no idea how to do this. I think this is evident in my day-to-day. From the time I wake up to the time I am back in bed I am doing a multitude of things. I have two toddler boys, which is a job/adventure in and of itself, that I am a stay at home mom to. I am also going back to school for my second Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture, my first was in Photography which is kind of a dying art form and I really don’t want to be a starving artist my whole life. If that wasn’t enough I also have a side hustle as a transcriptionist. I really like to keep a clean house too because even if the rest of my life is in disarray, my house can at least be tip top. I don’t know about you, but none of that screams recharge to me.

There are a few things that I have found that fill me back up, energy wise, however.

Yes, GOD, my husband, children, and friends can fill my energy level and spirit back up, but those are topics for a different blog. These are a few things that I have found recently that help to re-center me and regain my emotional energy. Yes, It has taken me over three decades to find these.



I found running a little over a year ago. Being in the military I of course had ran before, but it was never for fun. How is running fun? Who does that? I does that! The high that I get from a run is indescribable. I thank God everyday for placing the people in my life that he did, at the time that he did. About a year ago I had also hit one of the biggest walls of my life. I was a wife to a handsome and successful husband, mom to two beautiful boys, and had everything in the world to be happy about, but I wasn’t. Something was wrong. Come to find out I had post partum depression. I won’t get into this here, but it is a very real thing. S, was brought into my life and she was and still is an avid runner. She would tell me about these race day highs and I was intrigued. We signed up for a St. Paddy’s day 5k and immediately we started training. When the day came for our race she picked me up and we went to pick up our registration packets. It was exhilarating from the second we stepped foot out of the car. There were so many people there and everyone was there for the same reason…they all CHOSE to go run a 5k! I had no idea what to expect. We lined up at the start and the next thing I knew we were running. I loved it and was immediately hooked. We signed up for so many runs and even did the PPRR Fall Series, which is where this picture was snagged from. I was on a high and never wanted it to end. Unfortunately, shortly after this photo was taken I started to have really terrible hip issues. Turns out I have a pinched nerve. I am currently finding my way back from my 6 month hiatus, more on that later. Running is my solace and it’s my escape. It’s just me and my running shoes. I love where it has taken me and can’t wait to see where else I go with it.



Hopefully by now you have read my bio and a few of my blogs and you know that I used to have the worst, or best depending on how you look at it, black thumb. I have no idea when it happened or why it happened, but somewhere in the last four years I found my green thumb. I went from someone who could kill a fake plant, yes that’s a thing, to someone who has a house filled with plants. My favorite thing is when I have people over and they ask if my plants are fake. It’s the best!! They are in fact not fake, not a one. Plants are said to cure anxiety, insomnia, depression, the list goes on and on. I can tell you from experience, they do. They have been a savior for me. It’s so rewarding to watch each new leaf unfurl or figure out what the best cure is when they start to have a problem. When I am having a bad day or feel my anxiety start to rise, I garden. I go from plant to plant and wipe down leaves, water them, trim them, etc. I fell in love with them so much that they have now become my main study. I am currently in school for Horticulture and I cannot wait for what adventures that degree will open up for me! Plants have a way of rejuvenating me and they create a Zen for my headspace. Plus they are really pretty and who doesn’t want more oxygen!



I found fishing on a hot day in Texas. It has never really sounded appealing to me either, I don’t know why. Are you starting to see a trend? My family and I went down to Texas last May to visit my mother and her fiancé. They live in a community on a lake. So naturally my husband wanted to go fishing. I had never been fishing so I was down to try something new. He took me to Bass Pro Shop and after scouring the crazy amount of options for fishing poles, I found mine. It’s pink and lights up like a UFO when you are reeling in. The first time out on the lake was pretty serene, unfortunately we could only fish from the dock. I ended up catching my first fish though. It was a little bitty guy, but I was still proud! It has since become an amazing past time. I can’t wait to get back out there! My favorite thing about it is feeling the water on my feet and hearing nothing but the water hit the shoreline and the sound of the fish coming up for food.

It’s funny, looking back, I think these three things are something that I have always been searching for, but never knew I needed. I always heard people say that you should meditate, or do yoga, or ‘insert something else that you have to stay still for’ here. Fortunately for me, I have finally found three things that serve as my meditation and help to fill me up. Over three decades it took, but now I’m here. Maybe it’s growing up. Maybe it’s finally letting go of the notion that I have to have everything figured out. Whatever it is, I am eternally grateful. It is because of these three things that I am able to be a better wife, mom, and friend. Do you have any unconventional ways of recharging? I would love to hear!


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