We have now been LIVE as a BLOG for three months and one day. I wanted to take a moment and give some love to the other ladies who are on this BLOG and give you some background on it.

I had the BLOG space for awhile, a year to be exact, and never did anything with it. It just sat, wasted space. I wrestled with what to write about, what I wanted for the BLOG, what it’s purpose would be. Finally, one day I remembered this book that my friends and I had in high school. We had a spiral that we would pass between classes, this was before smart phones (ok, if I’m being real, it was before cell phones), and in it we would write about our days, about our hopes and dreams; no topic was off limits and it was something that we cherished and helped to build us up and strengthen our bond. This was what I wanted for this BLOG.

I wanted a space where women could write about, literally, All.The.Things. So I brought it to a few of my friends.


Julie is like a sister to me. She is best friends with my sister and I have known her since I don’t know when, but it’s been a very long time. She is a dog mom and animal lover which is why opening up her shop, Furchild, was the best thing she could have done for her community. She has always been more mature then her years and one that speaks her mind. You can check out her past blogs HERE.

Suzanne is a super mom. No really, she is. She is also my CRODA, crochet YODA, and someone that brings joy into my life. Her sarcasm and outlook on life is one that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat, but also snorting from laughter. We met back when we were both in the military and she has always been someone that I have looked up to. She is very good with her hands, whether crocheting or baking, even when she breaks them and is a mama bear in every sense of the word. Go check out her blogs to see what I mean with that one. You can read her past blogs HERE.

I met Renee a few years back through a mutual friend. She has turned out to be one of the greatest blessings not only to myself, but one of my brothers J, as well. They just got married a few days ago and the wedding was fabulous! She looks like a sweet, well-mannered woman, but is a metal head at her core. She loves everything goth and is a super nerd which is why she is so perfect for J. She is also a grandma in young woman’s clothing and owns an antique store in Dalhart, called Wild Iris Antiques. I remember when I asked her to join and she was unsure if she would be able to come up with topics. Since then she has written many different great blogs. You can read them HERE.

Lee, who has since taken a step back, was one of my first mom friends. We met the “mom” way at a Little Gym class for our kiddos. She took a chance on me and I’m so glad she did. I am still sad that her husband moved her away from me, military life, but amazed at our ability to pick up where we left off any time we are able to finally find a second. She is an intriguing person, southern belle meets Tim Burton. She has an amazing eye for art and a vast vocab in pop culture. She also has the best collection of throw pillows you will ever lay eyes on. She is definitely missed and I cannot wait until she decides to come back with a blog or five! Until then you can check out her past blogs HERE.


Hannah, who is your NEW (not so new) Thursday blogger, and I met back in high school. She was a part of a group of girls who were the first to welcome me at my new school. I had to move after my Freshman year and so I was starting all over. Having them reach out to me and take me in was a life-saver and projected me on a path that I am still grateful for to this day. Hannah is a very thoughtful and well read person. Her passion is learning and experiencing. I have loved reconnecting with her over the past few years and know that she will continue to come out with blogs that will inspire. You can read some HERE.

Dano is a very special person to me. Over the last ten years she has become a sister to me. I met Dano at art school. We were in Barry Cirroli’s (I think that’s how he spelled his name) class. He taught Environmental Science, a throw away class and we had to do a presentation on different topics. Up stood Dano, with her messy top knot and mustard sweater, her topic was the Triassic Period and what followed is the reason we are still friends to this day. She is such a thoughtful and thought provoking artist. She is a very determined and driven woman and continues to amaze me with the hurdles she has overcome and the strength she exudes. You can check out her blogs HERE.


I met Melissa’s husband first, when we were in art school together. He is a fellow photographer and someone that I worked with on a few different projects. We lost touch after school and I heard from him a few years later. He had an awesome woman that was about to be his baby mama that he wanted me to meet. I am so glad I did! Melissa is a spit-fire and one of the most well composed people I know. She is both calming and a storm all at the same time. Her views are very thought out and she is always seeking answers to her questions. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and will continue to come out with controversial material that makes you do a double take. Check out her blogs HERE.

We have also had some really great guest bloggers since then. Lindsey, who I met through Renee, wrote about her venture with Usborne and finally taking the leap into being her own boss. You can read about that HERE. Amy, who was always a muse to me when we were in the military together, brought you a beautiful poem about carrying on, no matter what. You can read that beauty HERE. Kara, who was also in art school with Dano and myself, brought you into her adventurous life and the reason(s) she chose to give it all up to come home. You can read about it HERE. And Camille, who is Dano’s amazingly passionate friend, brought you a poem about sex and love, along with some other thought provoking entries. You can read those HERE.

This BLOG has become more than I could have ever hoped for a lot of different people and I am hoping to make it stronger and stronger with each new woman that graces these pages. If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of this please reach out. We are always looking for more women to share their thoughts and stories. Also, if you have any topics that you would like covered or any additional questions feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you. We are all about support and strength. So what are you waiting for?!?! Message us and join in on the fun!

Thanks for stopping by and to All.The.Ladies, thank you for giving this BLOG a piece of yourself. YOU are what makes it great.


Pack It Like A Pro

Pack It Like A Pro

Not Parenting Advice...

Not Parenting Advice...