Me-Time - 20 Things You Can Do Alone

Me-Time - 20 Things You Can Do Alone

Mac left for a little work-cation in California for the next few days, and I’ll admit, I get a tiny bit of anxiety before anyone I love travels. I love spending time alone, but I guess I just get uneasy right before they leave. It’s kind of annoying.

Anyway, I thought I’d put together a little list of 20 things you can do when you finally get some “me-time”. Here it goes!

  1. paint a bedroom (this is never-ending in our house, so I may do this a few times!)

  2. walk the dogs

  3. write a blog (he-he)

  4. binge watch a show you’ve never seen

  5. brew some beer

  6. window-shop online (it’s where you put a bunch of things in your cart for inspiration but you never buy them)

  7. go to HomeGoods and forget how much you spent there

  8. reupholster some chairs

  9. treat yo self to a mani-pedi

  10. find a cool recipe and make something new

  11. reorganize your laundry room

  12. spray your yard for bugs

  13. have a wine night with one of your friends

  14. try a new breakfast spot

  15. call your mom

  16. send your bestie a card just because

  17. learn how to knit

  18. create a Pinterest board that you’ll actually use in real life

  19. clean out your closet/garage/whatever and donate whatever you don’t want to keep

  20. have an all day snooze-fest and catch up on all the sleep you missed in your younger years

I think I’m going to shoot for #20 after I get #1, #8, & #12 done! What are some of your favorite ways to spend your alone time? I’d love to hear them!


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