Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska

Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska

When we first received orders to Nebraska, I had one of those visceral reactions. My face twisted in confusion, I leaned into the conversation with R… “WHERE?! What is even in Nebraska?” Well, a year later I can honestly report, a whole lot. I never expected to love it here, but I do. I don’t think it is even possible to be bored. Unlike a lot of my co-contributors on this blog, I am NOT a photographer. Please come along on this very average cell phone pic journey with me. I have also decided to disclaim: I make $0 on this blog. I have 0 advertisements, and I get nothing (except joy) out of sharing my neighborhood with you. I have included links to the applicable vendors and locations because I want you to go out and explore my home too, and clicking on them gives me no kickbacks. I implore you to go outside and have an adventure. Also, I genuinely loved everything I bought today, and sharing a good deal is very much a traditional midwestern thing to do.


Today we went on an adventure!! I love markets, this is no secret. So moving to an agriculture state that actually has no shortage of really good farmer’s markets has been a real plus to this assignment. Old Market in Omaha is a GREAT one. Walking around was down right magical. Tons of unique offerings and the added bonus of any given number of restaurant choices.

Buzz buzz, look for the flying bee!

Buzz buzz, look for the flying bee!


One of my favorite booths is the It’s All About Bee’s booth. They have an incredible selection of local honey, with some original blends (Hello chai spice honey, what?!) and a selection of natural beauty products made from beeswax. Needing a great housewarming gift? This is where you should stop. The haul, salted caramel creamed honey and cinnamon creamed local honey. Not pictured is the amazing lip balm I grabbed last minute. It is called “English Rose” and smells as sweet as such. I will forever be a fan.

The next booth I stopped by was Glacial Till Vineyard. Did I taste wine it 10 am? Your are DAMN RIGHT I DID. The lady working was so effective at her sample offerings, I walked away with 2 bottles. You can see these at the next OESC Wine club meeting.

How do you feel about nuts? Well I love nuts! Big nuts, small nuts, nuts that aren’t quite out of their shell. Especially sweet, flavored, candied nuts. I would also like you to know you can get nuts delivered directly to your door. The Nut Hutte has you covered for all your nutty needs. And although very confused as to why I was so excitable, this adorable young man did smile for my pic. I also grabbed a handful of delicious vanilla nuts.

My favorite booth of the day was Adagio soaps. I am not always snarky, I do sometimes take things seriously. I take my skin very seriously. I also believe we need to be very careful about what is in our toiletries and lotions. It is a scary time of industrial chemical by-products making their way onto our skin. I find supporting local soap makers to be healthier and just plain good business. There were several soap companies available during market, but I ended up here. For extra fun, Adagio partnered with Farnam House Brewing Company and put beer in my soap. Do I know why? Nope. Did I buy it anyways? Yep.


So here is a (new?) thing I never realized before, but I just love. Not only can you get healthy farm fresh goods here, but you can use your SNAP, Double Up, and WIC benefits, at several booths! I have added links to these services, in case this is assistance you need. Farm to table is something everyone should enjoy. If you are having a hard time affording healthy food, please, explore these options and then go check out the market.

After a long 2 entire hours of shopping, we were quite hungry, thirsty too. There are no shortage of great restaurants to pick from in Old Market, but it felt like a seafood and sangria kind of day, so that is what we sought out. Plank had both. I was blown away by the food. Things you don’t expect in the middle of the US include fresh seafood. DELICIOUS. R got the Salmon and I got the Blackened Catfish. 10/10 will go back.

That’s it for today folks, but I will be back next time with more fun in Old Market!

Have you been here? What is your favorite thing?

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