Self-Care: Back to the Basics

Self-Care: Back to the Basics

It is not all massages, shopping, and bubble baths. As this is a blog for the ladies and all the things, I figured I could write about the one thing that seems to help keep us going in this crazy world we live in. Self-care. 


How many of us have social media accounts that we keep up on? Personal accounts, business accounts, or accounts for our jobs. We keep ours up to date with the best picture we can upload and then we spread the love to our friends and family on social media. That is just one area of our world, as women, in 2019. 

Studies are showing that social media is greatly affecting the increasing levels of anxiety and depression in our society for people of all ages and identities. But, that is part of our world. How can you practice self-care in social media? Here are a few ideas…

  • Limit your time on each account, i.e. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, dating apps, etc.

  • Clean out your feed

    • Unfollow accounts if you do not enjoy seeing their posts.

    • Unfollow people who affect your mood with their posts.

    • Ask yourself if you find yourself comparing your life/success to those you follow…. I know I do! 

    • Ask yourself “is the way I use social media affecting my mental health negatively?” If the answer is yes, make some changes.

  • Keep an eye on your screen time, apple added that feature for a reason.

  • Remember when you are with people be present and put your phone down.

Moving on! Self-care is not just the bubble baths, face masks, and binging on Netflix, or whatever it is that makes us feel better in the moment. Self care goes much deeper. So back to the basics, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs… 


Sorry, I do have a graduate degree in clinical mental health, so I will often reference crazy theories. Anywho, back to Maslow, the basic physiological needs: water, food, shelter, sleep, and reproduction. These are the basic needs which are essential to living as a human. Do a self check-in and be HONEST with yourself…

  1. Am I getting enough sleep? Literally, count the hours you sleep a night, the average human needs 8 hours of sleep, but I know I need about 9 to have enough energy to get through the next day.

  2. Am I eating enough nutritious calories? I am guilty of this, my calories never meet the suggested 2000 and I am not active enough to need 2000, but 1000 of crap food is not enough either. 

  3. Water, do you drink it? Yes, coffee and tea count, but is it the same as water? No… 2.7 liters of H2O a day for the ladies… haha! I can drink that in tea no problem, but it needs to be water. 

  4. SEX! Yes we need it and it is part of self-care. Sex comes in many different forms and kinds, but however you can get that BIG O or physical connection with a safe partner will increase endorphines and dopamine, and those are fun chemicals! 

Off of those basic, human nature needs, let’s move on to the needs that when met, really help us function as a human in our individual lives. This aspect of self-care truly differs from one person to the next. For me, self-care can look like coming home and doing the dishes on my lunch break because it is easier for me to deal with them then rather than when I get home after my 9+ hour day.  Some days it is doing laundry because I have avoided that for a few weeks now. And on some of the harder days it is taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Life can be so overwhelming today in 2019 and I can’t imagine being a parent or a first responder or something more stressful than my life currently. Be sure to check in with yourself and meet those self-care needs that you avoid because life is too much to bear when you feel you can handle it.

We all have good days and we all have days where we can barely get out of bed. Know it is okay to have any kind of day and keep showing up for yourself even if it is a day where you call in and catch up on rest or you show up and slayed the day! Listen to what your “self” needs to be taken care of. 


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