So you are someone that wants to have plants and keep them alive, but needs a reminder. Well look no further these beautiful flowering plants are the best at giving reminders to give them a sip. I call these beauties, little drama queens, because if you skip too many days they will wilt, almost like a fainting actress, and perk back up within a few hours of receiving water. Be sure not to over water, these flowers can get root rot pretty easily.

 Cyclamen are resilient and come in many different color variations, they also have a petal variation that looks like a dancer’s twirling skirt. This plant’s flowers open upside down which is another fun little attribute to them. They like cool, humid temperatures so direct sunlight isn’t the best choice, but be sure to put them in bright indirect light. They also don’t like to be crowded so make sure you plant them in a pot that gives their tuber room to breathe!

Since this is a tuber plant, it is super easy to remove the dead leaves or flower stems from it. Simply pluck them when you remember and throw them out or if you are awesome and have a compost, put them in there!!