So you are someone who likes to give your plants lots of love, water every day, a regular ole Mother Nature, ferns are the plant for you. There are many different variations of ferns and ‘imposter’ ferns. One thing they all have in common is they like their soil and air to stay moist. There is a reason you will see them, in the wild, in the Greater Northwest region of the United States. Now there is a difference between, moist, soggy, and root rot status so be sure to only give them a little every day. An easy way to check for soil moistness is to take a chopstick and stick it down into the soil, kind of like an oil dipstick and be sure to place them in a container with good drainage.

 Living in Colorado, we are a dry climate so I mist my ferns and they live in my steam shower room. They are in the back corner because they can’t handle direct sunlight. If their leaves start to yellow, you need to turn them because they are starting to get sunburnt. You want to be sure to remove the dead plant matter from your ferns to ensure healthy growth throughout the rest of the plant. Also, notice when they start to outgrow their containers if you want them to continue their growth.

 Boston ferns and asparagus ferns are two of the most commonly sought after varieties and would be a beautiful addition to any room. The Boston fern is also one of the top plants for clean air, it removes formaldehyde and xylene (found in rubber, leather, paint solvents, exhausts and tobacco smoke). Beautiful green baby and clean air! Win-win!