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Hey y’all. I’m Lee and I’m an Enneagram 7 and an ENFP. I love studying personality types and I’m excited to explore them with you! I am a born and raised Texan, but I have lived in London, Seattle, Denver, and a handful of other places around the country.

I have two Masters degrees and am a certified appraiser in Modern and Contemporary Art through Christie’s Auction House. If you ever want to know the value of something, send it my way! I am a girl mom and my daughters are so dramatic I think we need a fainting couch. (clutches pearls) I have worked in many museums around the world and have installed several exhibits in others. One of them was just featured on The Bachelor and O.M.G. can we please talk about how awful Colton is?  I’ll totally talk all day about that. 

My husband is a doctor in the Army and is my polar opposite.  I often find myself in ridiculous situations and am prone to hijinx. I’m pretty much a modern day Lucille Ball…but without the apron. 

{Guest Contributor}