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Hi there! I'm Melissa. I was born & raised in California... that's right people, I'm a "Valley Girl" (Go Dogs!) but not in the Clueless type of way. I bopped around for a while until landing in Denver where I met my other half -- we have a son and a daughter, a couple of fur babies, and we live inside of a conservatory... well, our house sure looks like one to say the least...

I'm a great big smart ass, I get philosophical at the most inopportune times, I have a lot to say about humanity and treating people with respect and equality --- treat others the way you would like to be treated, am I right?! I have a thing for crazy mismatched patterns in decor and dress. I forget that I even have hair 1/2 the time because I forget to do it. My husband has to help me take my contacts out of my eyes about once a month. I think that crystals harness the energy of the stars and that they both can bring greatness into your life. I drink more coffee than water, take on more than I should, and survive life in the classiest way possible. To break it down for you, I am, along with Mary Poppins, "practically perfect in every way"!

Oh, who am I kidding... I'm a mess. One big, flaming hot mess... If you feel up for the challenge, go ahead, jump on the crazy train and enjoy life from this perspective!

{Your Saturday Blogger}